September Pests

You might notice that, as the weather cools, your backyard is suddenly much less of a bug-haven for things like mosquitos, and even the dreaded gnat. It’s true; many of the bugs that annoy us aren’t fond of cooler temperatures.

However, that doesn’t mean that September is a time to relax. Like any ecosystem, when one thing leaves, another takes its place. There are two primary bugs to watch out for in September that we’d like to talk about.

Crickets: Nature’s Tiniest Violin

Sure, we all grew up on Disney’s Pinocchio and have a fondness for the concept of the cricket. For many, it can also serve as a peaceful reminder of nighttime; the gentle chirp of nature’s tiniest violin can certainly lull you to sleep.

Although, we’re not talking about the quality of the music produced by these bugs. Instead, we’re more concerned with the cricket’s tendency to chew on the stuff in your home that you’d rather have left alone. We’re talking about important papers, furniture, and even drywall! I guess you could say crickets are the goats of the bug world.

Worse yet, September is the month of the cricket for much of the United States. They love the lower temperatures and the wetter ground. Inevitably, they’ll find their way into your home and the last thing you want is for them to snack on your belongings.

Flying Ants: Not to be Confused with Termites

September is a time for campfires, peaceful strolls, snuggling under a blanket, and ants? It’s true; the month of September is the magical timeflying ant, September pests, September pests to look out for, pest control, exterminator Des Moines, pest control Des Moines area when the yard ants hiding in your soil dawn their wings en masse and go on what we call a nuptial flight, where they swarm your yard, home, and anything else in the way while looking for mates.

While flying ants might look like carpenter ants and termites, they do not tend to destroy wood. Flying ant swarms look imposing, but should be mostly harmless to your home. An ant queen of this variety specifically needs soil to build her nest, which, unless you’re a vampire, many of us don’t have much of in our homes. However, any time you find ants in your home we recommend you give us a call; we’ll tell you clearly if it’s a passing flying ant swarm, a termite problem, or something else.

How do We Help?

Whatever your bug problem, and whether you’re being proactive or reactive, we’re here to help. Our mission is to make your home a sanitary, bug-free living space for you and your family. Here’s what we’ll do.

Perimeter Spraying

September is a great time for parameter spraying since rain tends to slow down in the Fall. Parameter spraying puts up an invisible bug barrier between the outside world and the foundation of your home. With a professionally applied barrier using a high-quality product, you can stop bugs before they even enter your home.

bug on rock, pest control, pest control Des Moines area, pest control Urbandale IA, September pests to look out for, September pestsSetting Traps

Crickets in particular respond well to glue traps. A baited glue trap will attract any crickets in your home, giving you back your sanity after spending days trying to pinpoint the sound of that pervasive chirping.

Inspection & Cleaning

If bugs have already entered your home, then it’s important to have us inspect the house. Things like termites and carpenter ants can make quick work of the structural wood hiding behind your walls. Don’t let bugs create an expensive house repair.

Beyond that, insects like cockroaches, and bed bugs leave a lot of nastiness behind even if they’ve been eliminated. Knowing how and where to clean after an infestation is our specialty.

Sealing Openings

As temperatures begin to drop, it becomes even more important to seal any gaps and openings in your home. Your warm house stands out like a beacon to an insect freezing its wings off in the increasingly cold weather. We’ll keep unwanted guests from sneaking in by sealing any gaps we find; you’d be surprised by how many there are.

When You Call Us, You Call in the Big Guns

It’s okay to admit defeat on the bug front. The big-box retailers simply don’t carry the products we use, nor do they sell the intuition and experience required to root out even the most reclusive pests. When you call us, all you’re doing is calling in the reinforcements that finally level the playing field. Insects don’t respond to half-measures or DIY tricks you find on Google. However, they do respond to professional pest control; they run away.