It seems, through the winter, that everyone takes a pause. Whether we realize it or not, both we and most of the animal kingdom slow down. Worse yet, a long winter can cause us to forget just how ruthless and annoying the pests in and outside our home are.

Pests are fair-weather friends. The second things are going well, they’ll give you a call to see what they’ve missed since they’ve been gone. Soon enough, they’re crashing your couch and raiding your fridge. Okay—so maybe that’s not exactly how an infestation starts, but it’s close. If you don’t set boundaries, you’ll soon see pests encroaching on your personal space, especially spring pests. We thought we’d highlight what to look out for this spring. Of course, if you think you have an infestation, or you think you might be on the verge of one, give us a call immediately.

Carpenter Ants

Believe it or not, carpenter ants can be in your home year-round. Like many bugs, they simply stick to their hives when the temperatures are cold. However, as soon as things warm up, they wake up with a hunger.

That post-winter appetite leads them to leave the confines of their hive and explore your home for the vestiges of food. Then, one thing leads to another, and they’re gorging themselves en masse in your pantry. In spring, expect to see new or existing infestations of carpenter ants making the trek from hive to kitchen, and expect to see a lot of them if they strike gold!

We can parameter spray to keep new infestations out. Moreover, we’ll find the source of any current infestation and eliminate it. Carpenter ants are pretty ambivalent to regular ant bait, so it’s best to give us a call right away.


 Don’t let anyone tell you how great it is that you have spiders in your home.

 “They eat other insects!” They’ll say. We’ll tell them they’ve watched Charlotte’s Web one too many times.     Look, we agree; a couple of spiders in your house isn’t a big deal. Yet, we firmly believe that the best spider is an outside spider. No one wants to be startled in the middle of their morning shower by a spider, dangling on its near-invisible strand of web at eye level. You, naked and completely vulnerable. We’ve all done the spider dance before.

We can fill any open gaps in your home, which can deter spiders from getting in. However, spiders are small enough that they’ll find their way through even the smallest gap. That’s why we’ll spray your parameter as well as any common points of egress for our arachnid friends.


We talked earlier about mosquitos. If they’re starting to show their face as early as March, then they’ll be having a field day by April. Worse yet is the prevalence of wet weather in spring, which can cause a mosquito population to explode. Who wants to start scratching as early as April?

We can remove common mosquito breeding zones, like standing water. Beyond that, we have insecticide formulated specifically for mosquitos, which can decimate their adult population and quickly reduce their breeding potential.


Rats aren’t insects; they’re even worse. They’re big, intelligent, and bring with them a multitude of diseases. Worse yet, they are prolific breeders, and their population will explode if left unchecked. Spring brings rats into your home by way of the collection of wet vegetation and yard debris that may or may not be amassed on your property or near your home.

With rats, we find out how they’re getting in and eliminate that entrance. We also have many bait and trap options to take care of the existing infestation.


 Termites love wet weather. All that damp wood and vegetation is the termite equivalent to an old man and his oatmeal; it’s easy on the teeth, and even easier going down. Termites have a field day in the spring because their food source is perfect. All it takes is a couple of overzealous termites to make the jump from that rotting tree in your yard to your house and you’ll be in a world of trouble.

We’re termite experts, which means we can identify even the smallest infestation and take care of it before it causes structural problems to your home. However big your termite problem is, we’ll take care of it and get you back to normal.


Don’t Let Your Home be a Pest’s Spring Break Destination

Everyone has the urge to celebrate spring’s arrival. However, don’t let your home get wrecked in the process. Let the pests of the world go elsewhere; might we suggest a nice Airbnb somewhere?

To keep pests out of your home this spring, call us to take proactive measures, or to eliminate a current infestation.