Your dream wedding day includes an outdoor service in the summer. But your outdoor venue — be it a backyard or a beach — could be infested with bugs and pests. Before your big day arrives, take a look at what you need to know about pests, insect control, and your warm weather outdoor event.

Understand the Issue

Why is pest prevention an important part of the pre-wedding planning process? While flying insects are annoying (especially to your guests), some pests can also cause serious problems. These can include: 

    • Disease. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects can spread a growing number of diseases. According to the CDC, seven new tick-borne germs were discovered between 2004 and 2016.

      • Irritation. Your wedding guests don’t want to spend the entire reception (or the days after) itching and scratching. Pest control reduces the risk of irritation and allergy-inducing bites.

      • Destruction. Health factors aren’t the only issues when it comes to pest control. A wooden gazebo, outdoor chairs, or other elements of your wedding décor are subject to the ravages of pest problems too.

    If you have a known pest problem, treatment is essential. But what happens if you suspect an issue or just want to make sure one doesn’t develop in time for your outdoor wedding? Taking preventative measures can decrease the likelihood of problems creeping in and ruining your big day.

    Prevent First

    Prevention is the first step in freeing your yard of outdoor invaders. In the months leading up to your outdoor wedding, do the following: 

      • Vigilantly remove standing water. Puddles happen. Standing water provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. It also attracts ants, rodents, and other invaders.
      • Clean debris from garden and lawn areas. Tall grass, weeds, and overgrowth are home to insects, including ticks and fleas. Maintain your yard and remove all excess debris.
      • Move and store firewood. A stack of firewood in your yard is an attractive home or even a meal for some pests. Remove wood or move your firewood away from the wedding event area.

      Along with these prevention steps, schedule professional pest control. This service can provide a barrier to keep insect invaders away and exterminate pests that are already present. Read on for more information on starting pest control services.

          Start Early

          Waiting until the week before your wedding doesn’t provide enough time to safely eradicate insects and other invaders. When scheduling pest control service before your outdoor wedding, consider:

          • How long the treatment takes. Talk to the pest control professional about the length of time needed for the treatment to work. Some pest control services may take longer than others to fully treat the area or exterminate the invaders.
          • How long the treatment lasts. A pest control barrier that fades before your wedding date won’t help to protect your guests. Make sure the treatment is still effective when you need it.
          • How many treatments your yard needs. Does full treatment require multiple services? If so, you may need to start earlier on before your wedding date.
          • How long you’ll need to stay away from the area. Do you need to stay away from the treatment area following pest control service? If so, schedule your service well in advance of your backyard event.

          The sooner you start pest control service, the more likely it is that you’ll get the problem under control. Contacting the pest control professional as soon as you notice a problem is your best bet when it comes to exterminating the invaders in time for your dream day.

          Are you prepping for your backyard outdoor event? Do you need professional pre-wedding pest control services? Contact Diam Pest Control for more information on prevention and extermination services.