If there’s one thing you can do for yourself in the coming new year, it’s to resolve to live pest-free! We also resolve to help you with that problem. We thought we’d show you what we can do to keep your home pest-free this year as well as a couple of things to remember to keep the bugs away all year.

Remove Dead Leaves & Yard Waste

We can show you problem areas, but we also suggest that you keep on top of this yourself. This time of the year, all the leaves that have fallenRaking fallen leaves in the garden, residential pest control Des Moines IA, residential pest services Urbandale IA, pest control services Des Moines from your trees, as well as all the dead grass and plant life will slowly start to become a great, compostable food source for insects come spring when everything thaws.

What does that mean? Bag up and haul away those leaves, branches, and other pieces of yard waste that can make your yard a tangled home for bugs and other pests. After all, an insect that calls your yard home is that much closer to crawling into your home! We suggest cleaning your gutters, too; all of that dead leaf matter, come spring, will compost into a perfect hiding place for all manner of pests that then have easy egress into your attic.

Seal Gaps & Hidden Entrances

This is an aspect where our professional pest service really shines. We have the expertise to find and seal gaps in your home that you might not have even known about. You’d be surprised what an insect can fit through!

We’ll scour your home, seal any gaps we find, and alert you to any problem areas that might need a little more work to keep the bugs out.

Set Bait Traps

More than likely you already have pests in your house! Come to terms with it now, then turn around and give us a call. We’ll identify the variety of pest (insect, rodent, whatever) and set appropriate traps to eliminate them. For insects, we can typically use a type of bait that they bring back to their nest, which can eliminate the entire colony.

Remove Favorite Food Sources

Insect on carpet, residential pest control services Des Moines IA, pest control company Urbandale IA, commercial pest control Des Moines IAThis is another one we suggest you keep up on yourself, but we can recommend best practices to make it easy for you. With that said, we’d recommend you keep your home clean, which means wiping up any messes and crumbs you leave. We understand that this can be hard if you have kids, but bugs love crumbs! The more sources of food you have in your home, the more enticing it is to pests.

However, did you know that many insects are happy to munch on things that we don’t even consider to be food? For instance, termites and carpenter ants love wood (although, ants don’t eat it, but burrow within it). Other insects like silverfish will be happy to eat your bathroom caulk; it’s true! Lastly, it’s not below a mouse, squirrel, or rat to munch on the paper in your attic. No, they won’t check to see if it’s your birth certificate first. As a professional pest control company, we can help you manage these food sources as well; the ones that aren’t so obvious.

Spray Your Perimeter

The winter is a great time to lay down a perimeter spray. Why? Because, believe it or not, snow is a relatively dry season despite the snow. Think of it this way; snow falls to the ground, then typically doesn’t move until it melts into the ground. It won’t splash against your foundation. Because of this, perimeter spray will typically stay on longer, since there’s nothing to wash it off.

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We’ll start you off with an effective perimeter spray for the New Year, well before many bugs awaken from their burrows. That way, when the big thaw comes and they open their bleary eyes, they’ll stay well away from your home.

Spray the Interior

Most effective of all is a professional application of interior insect killer. This is a fast-drying, harmless substance that is lethal to many insects.With that said, any chemical can be harmful if abused. We know exactly how much to use, where to apply it, and what to use to target the actual problem in your home.

A Happy New Year is a Pest-Free New Year

Many clients come to us when there is already a bug problem in their home. Sure, we can deal with that, but it often requires a multi-pronged effort, not to mention the fact that you have to deal with any damage left in the pest’s wake. If you start the New Year with bug control in mind, then it’ll never become a major issue. Instead, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you were proactive.

Go ahead; give us a call to discuss a pest inspection and pest elimination plan and check one thing off your New Year’s resolutions list!