Fall Pest Prevention

You would think Fall would signal the end to “bug season”. As temperatures lower, the activity level of outside pests takes a nosedive. Finally, as the leaves begin to change color and the apple cider and pumpkin spice make their appearances, the mosquitos that plagued you all summer disappear.

However, while the outdoors might see a drastic decline in insect activity, that’s because those bugs (and rodents!) are making themselves cozy inside the walls of your home. Yes, the Fall season brings with it a sense of peacetime between you and pests, but it’s actually when the invasion truly begins. Let’s talk about the kinds of pest-centric pitfalls Fall can introduce to your home if you don’t invest in professional pest control.

Cockroaches Love Your Warm Appliances

How gross can a bug be? It’s not the bug itself that is inherently nasty, but where that insect likes to hang out. Most of the cockroaches that enter your home do so from the sewer, bringing with them a myriad of diseases.

As the summer months wane and temperatures cool, cockroaches go in search of warmth. Most often, they find the perfect heat source in the form of your refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other appliance that gets nice and toasty. Worst yet, you might not even be aware of the infestation; they’re great hiders, even in large numbers. Our rule of thumb is, if you see one, there are 10 more that you aren’t seeing.

Would you run your finger along a sewer line then wipe it on your bread or other pantry items? Just the mere thought makes us gag. Yet, that’s pretty much what a cockroach does; drags itself through your sewer lines and then crawls across your food while you’re sleeping. Don’t let fall cockroach invaders sully your home, give us a call and take proactive measures before it even becomes a problem.

Rodents (Squirrels, Mice, & Rats) Turn Your Attic into an Airbnb

pest control, fall pest control Urbandale IA, rodent removal Waukee IA, rodent removal Grimes IAWith fall comes the pleasant sound of rain pattering on your roof and the gentle rustle of falling leaves. However, it can also herald the pitter-patter of tiny rodent feet in your attic or crawl space. What does that mean, exactly? It means that squirrels and other rodents are moving into their vacation home to stay warm for the winter.

While not all Airbnb guests are nightmares, we can guarantee that this particular variety will not clean up after itself or even leave you a positive review. Instead, they’ll chew up your belongings, use the corners of your home as a bathroom, and could even chew through your electrical wiring causing expensive and dangerous damage to your home.

As a professional pest control company, we don’t stop at insects. We know how to remove rodents from your home and will analyze your exterior and find how they’re getting it so we can put a stop to it altogether.

In Autumn, Termites Break Out the Pumpkin Spice Attic Wood

Okay, so maybe termites haven’t caught onto the current flavor trends, but they prefer their wood exactly how it is; sitting in your attic and ripe for the taking. As temperatures cool, termites, like all bugs, will forgo the forest floor and take up home in the woodwork of your precious house.exterminator serving Des Moines area, exterminator serving Urbandale IA area, termite control, termite exterminator IA

Attic decking, basement framing, and any of the wood in-between are up for grabs when a termite colony decides to make your house their new house. Don’t let your house fall apart from the inside out by ignoring a termite problem. If you see what looks like sawdust, or hear a distinct chewing sound when placing your ear against an interior wall, then give us a call immediately so we can do a termite inspection and extermination.

Don’t Fall for It

Fall is a beautiful time full of color and coziness. However, don’t let your guard down. Insects and pests have to go somewhere when the temperature dips. Your house might just be the most convenient place for them. Let us do a Fall inspection so you can rest easy knowing the only people enjoying your house are you and your family.