They’re small, reddish-orange, and appear in large numbers. Asian beetles, also known as Asian lady beetles, can be quite a nuisance. During the summer months, they mostly stay your of your way, but as fall approaches and they start looking for warm places to spend the winter, they can find your way into your home. Summer is therefore the best time to learn about these beetles and how to keep them away.

How Do You Identify Asian Lady Beetles?
Asian lady beetles are often confused with lady bugs. Since the two have quite different habits and lady bugs are far less of a nuisance, you should be able to tell the two apart. Here are a few differences:

  • Lady bugs are more round; Asian beetles have longer bodies.
  • Lady bugs are always red; Asian beetles may be orange or red.
  • Asian beetles have a black M-shaped marking on their heads, but lady bugs do not.
  • Asian beetles have longer, pointier heads than lady bugs.

If you find bugs indoors, they’re probably Asian lady beetles, not lady bugs. On the other hand, if you spot the occasional lady bug outside, there’s no reason to be alarmed or to take any action.

What Problems Do Asian Lady Beetles Cause?
One reason these bugs are so undesirable has to do with their population size. You won’t just have a few in your home — you’ll have hundreds or thousands. Asian lady beetles secrete an odorous fluid, which makes your home smell awful. If you crush them, the odor will intensify, and they’ll leave behind a yellow stain on your wall or carpet.

Asian lady beetles are not known to spread disease, but that does not mean they are harmless. Some people are allergic to proteins in the bugs’ bodies and suffer from asthma or eye irritation if their homes become infested. 

How Do You Keep Asian Beetles Away?
The best way to prevent Asian lady beetles from moving into your home is to eliminate possible entry points. Do this in the summer before the bugs start looking for indoor shelter. To seal your home:

  • Seal cracks along doors and windows with caulk.
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens.
  • Install sweeps along the bottoms of your doors. Make sure the gaps beneath your doors are less than 1/8 inch.

If you have had a lot of Asian beetles around your home before or you already see them in your yard or garden, then arrange to have the exterior of your building sprayed with insecticides once fall arrives. Make the appointment now so you’re prepared. Generally, your exterminator will apply the chemicals around your windows, doors, soffits, and vents.

What Should You Do If You Find Asian Beetles Inside?
If you still find lady beetles inside your home, then you need to do more to figure out how they are entering and seal the still-existent entry points. Do not spay insecticides inside the home; this has been found to do more harm than good.

When you come across an Asian lady beetle, do not squish it. Instead, suck it up with the vacuum cleaner, and then empty the vacuum cleaner outside. You can also set up black light traps to attract and catch the lady beetles. For best results, turn off all other lights in the rooms where you have the traps. At night, the black light will attract the Asian beetles to the traps, where they will get stuck. 

Asian lady beetles can be quite the nuisance, but if you are proactive this summer, you can prevent them from invading your home. Contact the experts at Diam Pest Control if you’ve had trouble with Asian beetles and would like to have your home exterior sprayed.