If you have both pests and pests, you need to be careful about the types of pest control products you use. Many pest control products have low doses of poison, which could be harmful to animals. 

1. Bait Traps Animals can very easily eat bait traps on their own, as many bait traps contain food that the animal will find attractive. If it’s a larger animal, it’s not likely to have much of an impact. A smaller animal may get poisoned. If you’re poisoning larger animals such as rodents, the rodent may eat the bait, and then your animal may eat the rodent once it dies and ingests the poison that way. Even some ant poisons, which often contain borax, could be dangerous to smaller dogs if eaten in large enough quantities. Since bait traps are made to last a long time, they may contain a significant amount of this poison. 

2. Sprays Sprays are frequently used around the perimeter of the home and also the interior of the home. Usually, you’ll want to wait until the spray dries completely to let your animals around it. Otherwise, they could get the liquid on them and experience a rash or other issues. If sprays are used inside your home, you should make sure that the sprays don’t touch your pet’s water or food dishes. Some types of pest control sprays can be very toxic to animals. 

3. Specific Chemicals Regardless of the type of pest control product, certain chemicals themselves are dangerous. Whether it’s a bait, trap, spray, or other pest control product, you should look at the chemicals included. Among the dangerous chemicals are amitraz, acephate, diazinon, fonofos, and malathion. Safer, alternative chemicals include acetamiprid, imidacloprid, and lufenuron. That’s a lot to remember: it’s best to call your veterinarian to ask. You can also read each product label carefully to see whether it advises specific care around pets.

4. Granular Lawn Products Granular lawn treatments are often meant to dissolve over time, and animals shouldn’t be allowed to touch these products for at least 24 hours. If you have pets that are frequently in your yard, granular products may not be ideal to use. Comparatively, sprays usually only require a few hours of waiting. If you need to treat your lawn long-term, there are pest control spikes and other similar options.

5. Illegal Pesticides While it should go without saying, there are some pest products that are sold that are technically illegal because they’re made with chemicals that are controlled within the United States. These pest products are often touted as being much stronger than other products, and sometimes even pest control companies may use them. This is why it’s important to work with a reputable pest control company.

6. Foggers Fogger pesticides are similar to sprays: they coat everything inside a house. Foggers are very dangerous to small animals such as birds and small rodents, who need to be removed from the home entirely if a fogger is used. The fog will need to be cleared out completely before these animals can come back.

Since foggers cover every surface, this also means that anything an animal touches should also be removed from the home before starting pest control treatment.

So what’s safe for your pets? There are products such as diatomaceous earth that are generally considered to be fine to be used around most pets — but they aren’t as effective as a professional pest control service.

If you really want to get rid of pests while protecting your family, the best route is to schedule an appointment with a pest control company. You can call to schedule today with Diam Pest Control.