Mosquitos are a major pest across the world. In some places, they’re even a major carrier of bloodborne illnesses that as recently as a century ago majorly contributed to human deaths thanks to viruses like malaria, yellow fever, and other nasty stuff.

Even in the United States, you can run the risk of contracting a potentially fatal illness like Zika or West Nile. How can such a small insect cause so much calamity? All we know is, that there are many myths than truths associated with the common mosquito, and we’d like to dispel a few of them for you.

All Mosquitos Bite

If you’ve ever seen one of those big, long-legged mosquitos clumsily bouncing around your ceiling in the summer, then you might have wondered what kind of bite they deliver, considering their size. On the contrary—the huge mosquitos we see aren’t actually mosquitos at all, but crane flies.

Beyond that, actual male mosquitos don’t bite at all, to begin with. Biting and blood-sucking are strictly female mosquito mechanisms, and the blood they drink is used for producing eggs.

Bug Zappers Will Neutralize Mosquitos

Believe it or not, mosquitos are one of the few bugs out there that respond to light sources. Flies and moths may be drawn toward a porch light or the blue, radiant glow of a bug zapper, but a mosquito couldn’t care less.

Bug zappers could get rid of other insects in your yard, but most of the bugs drawn to that kind of light aren’t problematic, to begin with. Mosquitos are drawn to CO2, so as long as you’re drawing breath, they’re going to go to you and not a bug zapper.

Bug Bracelets Protect You

Bug bracelets should be relegated to the aforementioned “holistic solution” pile. Not only do these things not work, but we’d also hate to see someone invest in a couple of bracelets and go on a hike in the woods without any DEET bug spray; the welts they’ll be scratching later that night will be all the proof they need that bug bracelets don’t cut it.

Mosquitos Can’t Bite Through Clothing

Mosquitos have a razor-sharp proboscis, which is basically a straw with a surgical edge. This body part allows them to pierce your skin without you even noticing. While they can’t penetrate thicker materials, they can certainly bite you through the kind of lightweight clothing you might wear in the summer. Just because you’re covered doesn’t mean you’re covered from mosquito bites.

Let Us Tackle Your Mosquito Problem

We have actual, tested mosquito solutions for your yard, which will enable you to enjoy the rest of the summer without the mosquitos getting in the way. We neutralize existing mosquitos, and will also remove their ability to lay more eggs by inspecting your property for standing water. With enough disruptions to their lifecycle, you’ll soon see extremely diminished mosquito numbers on your property.

Are you sick of mosquitos? Reach out to us today.